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2021 Dues and Assessments Adopted

The Voting Board, at its meeting on September 25, 2020, adopted the FY 2021 Operating Fund budget and the corresponding 2021 Dues and Assessments Schedule, which is available for downloading using this link.

Overall, home owners will see no change in the amounts which will be due in 2021, while lot owners charges will increase $3.00. Following is a summary of the changes from FY 2020:

  1. cabin dues increased $20.00 (+1.6%) to $1,295.00;
  2. lot dues increased $23.00 (+3%) to $796.00;
  3. the dam assessment, due to the retirement of one of the three loans from the State of New Jersey, decreased (-33%) from $60.00 to $40.00;
  4. the discount for qualifying seniors and the permanently disabled has been increased approximately 33% from $510.00 to $677.50 for cabin owners, and from $310.00 to $406.00 for lot owners.

Information regarding the Early Payment discount and the increased discount, and revised eligibility requirements for the discount for seniors and the permanently disabled, is also available on the Schedule.

The Club will be mailing the Dues and Assessments Schedule and payment coupons that you should receive sometime around October 8 if not before. Invoices for the calendar year 2021 dues and assessments will be mailed in late January, 2021.

Jack McLaughlin
General Manager

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