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UPDATE November 9, 2020: Speed Hump Installations Underway

Updated November 9, 2020: The Club’s contractor, D.S. Meyer Enterprises, returned Monday, November 9. Over the next two days the speed humps it recently installed will be adjusted to meet height specifications. Once completed and accepted, striping will take place.

Jack McLaughlin
General Manager


October 20, 2020: Speed humps are being installed this week at four locations along the Club’s private roads:

  1. Pohatcong Road (2) – between Canadawa Road and Acabonack Road
  2. Acabonack Road (1) – between Winetka Road and Pohatcong Road
  3. Lakeside Drive West (2) – in the vicinity of Comet Row and just south of the Clubhouse driveway entrance
  4. Coon Den Road (2) – between Lookover Lane and Lakeside Drive East

Since the initiation of the speed hump installation program in 2013 when fifty-five speed humps were installed, the Club has gradually expanded the number of speed humps with locations primarily determined by requests from neighbors who express deep concerns about speeding through their neighborhoods. Sometimes, when speed humps are installed, drivers find alternate routes to save precious seconds to and from their homes, creating additional traffic with unsafe speeds, and prompting the installation of additional speed humps on the chosen alternate routes.

New Jersey law sets the speed limit, unless otherwise posted, in residential neighborhoods at 25 miles per hour, conditions permitting. Of course, if everyone drove at a safe speed demonstrating courtesy and concern for residents, neighbors, and children, and took into account conditions, grade, and site distance, the need for speed humps would be greatly reduced.

Jack McLaughlin
General Manager

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