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Voting Board Amends Rule 23 – Items Not Permitted to be Stored Beyond Property Boundaries

The Voting Board, at its meeting on September 25, 2020, amended the second paragraph of Rule 23 which prohibits the use of Club properties, including any portion of the road right-of-way whether paved or not, for the storage of items.

Please keep in mind that while the average width of the pavement along the Club’s private roads is approximately 18 feet, the width of most of the road beds is thirty-three feet, while some of the private roads have a width of forty feet and in rare cases twenty feet and in rarer cases fifty feet. Consult your property survey to determine precisely where your property ends and the Club’s private road begins (inapplicable to properties with road frontage only on Breakneck Road, Canistear Road, and Highland Lakes Road).

The additional text – boats, trailers, lawnmowers, landscaping equipment – should leave no doubt that items such as these, in addition to recreational vehicles and campers, are prohibited at all times from all Club properties.

If members are unable to find suitable locations on their properties that comply with Vernon Township’s Land Use Ordinance, storage facilities throughout Sussex County are an appropriate alternative.

The complete text of Rule 23 follows – with the underlined text representing the additions to the Rule.
23. Members may park their licensed motor vehicles with current Club parking permits on Club properties as defined in Rule No. 15 if the Club’s facilities are being used by the member, or with permission from the Club office. Parking in violation of this Rule shall be subject to a special assessment of $50.00 for the first offense, and $250.00 for each subsequent offense occurring within twelve months of the first offense. A third violation of this Rule within twelve months of the first offense constitutes parking without the consent of the Club, and the vehicle may be summonsed and towed in accordance with N.J.S.A. 39:4-56.6.

Recreational vehicles, campers, boats, trailers, lawnmowers, landscaping equipment, etc. are not permitted to be parked on Club properties and within the Club’s private rights-of-way, including roads, at any time unless special permission is first obtained from the Club office.  (Underlined text – Revisions adopted September 25, 2020)

Parking along roadways during snow and ice removal operations is regulated elsewhere in these Rules and Regulations.

Jack McLaughlin
General Manager

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