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Santa and His Friends Return to Highland Lakes on a Fire Truck

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Highland Lakes
Volunteer Fire Department

Children – get your warm coats and gloves ready (and boots if it snows) to greet Santa and his friends on Saturday, December 19. Starting at 10:30 am, Santa will be riding through your neighborhood waving to the girls and boys of Highland Lakes. Santa and the volunteers of the Highland Lakes Volunteer Fire Department knew they wanted to wish all children a Merry Christmas while not getting too close, as they don’t want to spread the colds they have had, so Santa and his friends will be wearing masks. We ask that all children and parents wear their masks also.

At a remote meeting with Santa at the North Pole, Santa and his friends decided that Santa would ride the fire truck and wave to everyone while keeping his distance from children, and that means your parents will be able to take a picture of you standing by the fire truck but Santa will not be getting out of the truck. Santa’s friends will be distributing candy canes and also socially distancing from the children.

The volunteers of the Highland Lakes Volunteer Fire Department are proud to be able to continue this Christmas season tradition of more than fifty years! Listen for the sirens and horns from the fire truck letting you know that Santa is in your neighborhood. There are so many children to visit, and Santa can’t wait to wave hello to everyone. Merry Christmas.

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