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Voting Board Approves Steeper Assessment For Failure to Remove Boats

Special Assessment Increased to $500

In February 2019 the Voting Board adopted a series of amendments to Rule 25 which included the transport of boats to residences for improper storage, or storage in violation of the applicable removal deadline of October 15 each year. This amendment also provided for the imposition of a special assessment of $100.00 for removals to the residence. In response to claims from some members that they were unaware of the removal requirements, the requirements to remove boats by the October 15 deadline were printed on the boating permit. Additionally, the boat removal requirements were posted on the Club’s website, repeatedly in the Highland Lakes Newsette, and posted on the sign along Breakneck Road by the Clubhouse.

Despite all of these efforts more than 100 boats remained on docks and racks on the west side of Highland Lakes after October 15. Boats which were identified by membership number on the boating permit were transported to the member’s residence. For this reason, in January, 2021, the Voting Board agreed to increase the special assessment for all boat removals to $500.00 per boat. This special assessment of $500.00 is prominently highlighted on this year’s boating permit.

Members who wish to use the Club’s docks and boat racks assume the responsibility to know the Club’s rules and to comply with them. While the vast majority of members comply, this special assessment is designed to ensure that members who leave their boats on the docks and racks after the deadline do not do it again.

If October 15 seems early, keep in mind that Highland Lakes has experienced heavy snows and desperately cold weather late in October, and staff must dismantle docks and secure them for the winter. Mid-October through early November is the time frame for these activities to occur safely by our staff, and to conduct the necessary inspections of the boat racks.

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