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The aftermath of Hurricane Ida in our area

Highland Lakes was fortunate not to experience catastrophic damage resulting from Hurricane Ida, but as you may have heard or seen, our neighbors in the Lake Wanda community were not as lucky—their dam was breached by excessive volume of rain and runoff that everyone in our area witnessed.

Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors in the Lake Wanda neighborhood during their time of great difficulty. However, it has been suggested on social media that Highland Lakes intentionally released water from our main lake during and following the storm—the suggestion is wholly inaccurate and couldn’t be more untrue.

Highland Lakes’ dams and spillways are regularly inspected, well maintained and fully compliant with New Jersey Dam Safety Standards and the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Dam Safety with NJ DEP. If Highland Lakes wanted or needed to release water due to an unusual problem or situation, or if our dams were being overtopped, we have an emergency notification flowchart in place used to prioritize the notification of local emergency management officials, appropriate state emergency management agencies, residents and property owners located immediately downstream within the boundary of potential inundation where available warning time is limited, and operators of other dams or water-retention facilities that may affect or be affected by an emergency. Go here for more information about Emergency Action Plans.

None of Highland Lakes’ dams were overtopped, none were in threat of failure, no valves were opened, and no emergency action plan was implemented because none was necessary. Our dams and spillways functioned exactly as designed because Highland Lakes goes to extreme measures every year to ensure the integrity of our critical infrastructure.

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