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Update on Lake Management

This update is provided to keep you informed of our progress in addressing the immediate and long-term efforts to preserve our lakes – our most valuable assets. Although the routine inspection and treatment regimen ends in September of each year, we will continue to work year-round in our effort to improve results.

  1. Our consultants, Solitude Lake Management and Princeton Hydro have continued regular inspection, testing and treatment of all lakes according to the terms of their respective agreements. Both firms are well regarded by lake owners, government regulators and environmental agencies such as the NJ Highlands Council. Princeton-Hydro is among the most experienced firms providing lake management and aquatic biology services.  Senior Project Manager Chris Mikolajczyk, the individual we work with most closely, is a Certified Lake Manager, and President-elect of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). Club members can be confident that we are working with highly qualified and nationally recognized experts in the field.
  1. We are prioritizing the long-term health of our lakes. The Voting Board shares fully in the concerns expressed by members at large about the recent decline in water quality, and they have re-doubled Club efforts to reverse the trend. The 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees have each taken on responsibility for leading one of three ad hoc committees to investigate existing, new, and alternative methods to improve the water quality of our lakes. The committees are expected to report their findings in the coming weeks and months.
  1. A purchase order was issued to have all existing aeration systems inspected and repaired, if necessary, to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency.
  1. A new (to HL) service provider, EverBlue Lakes, was invited to survey Lakes 2 and 4 and to review historical data on lake conditions. The firm has recently submitted a proposal which is currently being reviewed. EverBlue Lakes’ takes a somewhat different approach to lake management which emphasizes state-of-the-art aeration and naturally occurring strains of bacteria instead of over-reliance on chemical treatments. Its proprietary product is called BioBlast and it is said to out-compete harmful Cyanobacteria in consuming nutrients in the water, thereby eliminating or reducing the severity of Cyanobacteria algae blooms.
  1. A few weeks ago, NJDEP announced the availability of $45 million in loans and grants for projects intended to improve the quality of surface waters in the state. We have already begun working with our consultants to determine whether HL might be able to do to qualify for a portion of this funding, and which type of qualifying projects might be suitable for HL.
  1. Talks are also underway on the development and implementation of a comprehensive, public/private partnership that will address the broader watershed area surrounding our lakes and how best to mitigate the inflow of nutrients, sediment, and pollutants. Similar programs have recently been implemented in Rockaway, West Milford and Ringwood Townships and we will use their experience where possible, to fast-track our efforts.


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