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Docks are in!

The docks are finally in at our lakes which signals the start of our 2022 Spring & Summer season!

Both a sticker and a boat must be placed on the OPEN (first come first served) spots.

Read below for a reminder on how to claim a spot.

How to Claim a Boat/Kayak Rack and Boat Dock Space:

There are approximately 13 freeways and 2 beaches on the Main Lake that have kayak/boat racks. They are available on a first come/first served basis. Please follow these rules to claim a rack:

1. Any rack with no sticker can be claimed to use for the current year. If, after July 4, a spot with a 2021 sticker is still open, it may be claimed to use for the current year.

2. Do not remove any stickers.

3. Do not chain boats or kayaks to a tree or leave them on the ground.

Docks: Members who have an assigned dock space at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 and Beach 4 will continue to have those spaces as long as the conditions of the assignment are met, otherwise the assignment will be forfeited. When a space is forfeited, it will be converted to an “OPEN” space, marked by the color tag that appears in this article containing the word “OPEN”. For OPEN spaces on these docks, the approach to getting a dock space is identical to the methods historically used by members – “first come/first served”.

Once the docks are in place, members may secure one of these OPEN spaces by placing their boat with 2022 boating permits (each side of the bow) and a third 2022 boating permit on the OPEN numbered tag.

No space may be claimed without a 2022 boating permit and a boat.

Dock spaces at Eckhart Sailing Center remain reserved for junior sailors and others participating in the Club’s sailing fleets.

OPEN dock spaces at Comet Row beginning with an 800 or 900 number are for pontoon boats only.

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