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Ash Tree Removal to Resume

The Club has received numerous inquiries from members concerning the status of the ash tree removal project which began last fall and about specific trees in their neighborhood. Hundreds of trees were previously removed, and the Club maintains a list of trees reported by our members as not yet removed.

Next week, Downes Tree Service will meet with the Club’s General Manager to finalize a plan and schedule to remove the remaining dead and dying ash trees. A number of non-ash trees may also be removed if they are determined to pose a hazard. Please be reminded that we are addressing only trees which are located on Club property. The contractor is not authorized to remove trees on private lots nor make any representations on behalf of the Club concerning tree removal.

This notice is being provided because time and resource constraints don’t permit us to respond to each individual inquiry about a specific tree or trees. If you have already contacted the Club office about a dead or dying ash tree on Club property rest assured, we have heard you and it will be removed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.



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