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Adults Basketball & Softball – Join in on the Fun!

Dust off your glove, cleats, and basketball kicks, it’s time for the adults to get in on the action!  Come revitalize the HL adult softball and basketball programs.  Some of our adult ballers showed up to get some run in at the Beach 1 basketball courts on Tuesday night.  Thank you to everyone for showing up.  Having FOMO (fear of missing out) about adult hoops!?  Join us at the courts on Tuesday at 6 pm.  

Adult softball will start Sunday July 10th at field 2 off of Canistear Road and will run into August.  Can’t make it this week?  Join us when you can!  Adult softball uses wood bats and softballs to replicate a competitive “baseball-like” experience.  The wood bat allows for more base hits and less home runs while keeping the ball from reaching dangerous speeds to our corner infielders and pitchers.  All are welcome!  The schedule will change to “Adult Softball” from “Men’s Softball”.  Ladies, come out and show the guys how to “play like a girl!”  See you out there on Sunday nights at 5 pm for adult softball!      


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