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2022 Election Results

Annual Meeting – Election Results

August 21, 2022

The balloting results from the Annual Meeting held on August 21, 2022, for Officers and Trustees for terms commencing on October 1, 2022, are as follows:


President Ray Zimmerman 220 Votes Elected
Michael Gelfand 4 Votes

*Susan Berkley, Martin Brady, Ann Moriarta, Neal Skyta, and Lyle Timpson all received 1 vote.

1st Vice President Lisa Entwistle 223 Votes Elected

*Julia Campbell, Joe DeLorenzo, Michael Gelfand and Adele Huttner all received 1 vote.

2nd Vice President Patty Thompson 148 votes Elected
Dominick Beninati 92 votes
Treasurer Lou Iannucci 224 votes Elected
Brian Morton 1 vote
Secretary Jennifer Ziegler 161 votes Elected
Climeen Wikoff 78 votes



Section 6 Melissa Hardin 18 votes Elected
Susan Berkley 1 vote
Section 7 Stuart Blank 21 votes Elected
Robert Ulmer 19 votes
John McNally 14 votes
Jacquelyn Green 6 votes
Section 8 Joan Danaher 20 votes Elected
Section 12 Robert Reffelt 15 votes Elected

Many thanks to all the volunteers who assisted at the polls.

Arthur D. Dawson, Ph.D,

Elections Committee Chairperson


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