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Consolidated Rules Document – Updated as of May 2022

Voting Board Approves Consolidated Rules Document with New Tiered Warning/Penalty Assessments

At its May 20, 2022, Voting Board Meeting, the Board approved a tiered system of prescribed penalties for violation of the Club’s Rules and Regulations.

The existing rules are now consolidated into a single document which includes a process for enforcement, review, and application of penalties, when necessary.

This restatement of the rules is meant to ensure that the rules and penalties are readily accessible to members, and to establish a consistent and transparent process of review and enforcement.

In nearly every instance, a member can expect to receive one or more notices and an opportunity to respond before any penalty is assessed.

Our goal is to ensure that all members remain well informed about Club rules and policies and to promote voluntary compliance without resorting to heavy-handed enforcement.

The complete document can be found on our website here and downloaded from the DOCUMENTS section of the HLCC TOPS Owners’ Portal.

Email tops@hlcc.org to request an invite to the TOPS Owners Portal.

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