UPDATE July 7, 2023

Testing has confirmed that the Club Park Marina and South Cove of Lake 2, the Main Lake, are experiencing a potentially harmful algae bloom (HAB). 
The South Cove is currently at the “Advisory” level, while the Marina is at the “Watch” level as established by the NJDEP.
This does not mean that the entire lake is experiencing a HAB Watch or HAB Advisory level condition.
Do not drink the water or eat fish from the lake. Boating, fishing, and swimming continue to be permitted in all areas except the South Cover and Catfish Path Freeway.
In the South Cove and Catfish Path Freeway area, only boating and fishing are permitted – no swimming, wading, or pets.
Notices are being posted as required (see below). Follow up treatment and testing will be performed, and updates will be provided as they become available.
Click here for additional information from the NJDEP’s HAB webpage.
We thank you for your understanding.