Main Lake HAB Update

A potentially harmful algae bloom or HAB was reported in the main lake (Lake 2) on Friday July 7th.  Samples taken from the Clubhouse Marina and Catfish Path Freeway were found to contain levels of cyanobacteria or blue-green algae above the normal threshold established by the NJ DEP.  Notices were posted to inform members to exercise appropriate caution, though the levels detected were not so high as to necessitate closing of the lake or beach.

Importantly, the lake was treated on Wednesday, June 28th, prior to the HAB report.  This treatment likely helped to contain the algae bloom and avoid a significant increase in cyanobacteria. The Club’s lake treatment contractor, Lake Management Sciences (LMS) responded promptly and retreated portions of the lake. Laboratory analysis of additional water samples taken by LMS on July 10th, and later on July 12th by the Club’s lake consultant, Princeton Hydro, have confirmed that the treatment was effective and cyanobacteria levels have now fallen well below the DEP threshold.  

Because cyanobacteria or blue-green algae are nearly always present in our lakes to some degree, it is never advisable to drink the water.  Sunlight and rising water temps cause cyanobacteria to multiply and occasionally increase to levels which can impact health and limit recreational activities. All of our lakes are tested at least twice each month to monitor and treat cyanobacteria as needed. Notices will be posted and released via email and social media whenever levels are detected which exceed those established by the NJ DEP.  The HAB Watch and Advisory notices issued on July 7th have now been rescinded.