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Enjoyment of our beautiful lakes takes many forms. Boating has long been a pastime enjoyed by members of all ages. The Club supports active sailing fleets including Sunfish (junior/senior/ladies fleets), Comet, Windsurfer, Flying Junior (our newest) and Force 5. Many individual members also enjoy the use of kayaks, canoes, rowboats, paddleboats, pontoon boats and small pleasure boats.

Members in good standing who do not own lakefront property may enjoy boating and owning boats by making use of over 50 boat racks and 25 docks. Racks and docks are available on each of the five lakes and, except for dock spaces permanently assigned as of February 15, 2019, are available to all members in good standing on a first-come/first-serve basis. Each spring only that year’s boating permit may be used to claim a dock or boat rack space for that season by placing the permit and boat in the spot. As a courtesy, members seeking boat rack space are requested to avoid taking any rack spot that has a previous year’s boating permit until after May 31 ( date extended to June 30 in 2020).

Freeways are lakefront locations that provide lake access, boat racks and limited dock space. There are two different types of freeways: neighborhood freeways and Club marina freeways. Neighborhood freeways are located at various locations on all lakes. The Club area marinas on the Main Lake are: Club Park, Comet Row, Eckhart Sailing Center, Beach 3 and Beach 4. Dock and boat rack locations may be found here. For a map of these areas click here.

April, 2015 Lottery assigned permanent dock space
Through 2014, the Boat Dock committee collected member applications for dock space at Comet Row, the Clubhouse park, the Eckhart Sailing Center, Beach 3 and Beach 4, and then fairly allocated dock space to applicants via an annual lottery. In January, 2015 the Voting Board terminated the annual lottery and authorized a one-time lottery in the spring of 2015 to assign members permanent dock spaces at the locations above (excluding the Eckhart Sailing Center, whose space has been reserved for junior sailors and members with special needs).
Boat Dock Lottery Permanently Eliminated February 15, 2019
In February, 2019 the boat dock lottery program was terminated and no further assignment of permanent dock spaces will take place. Dock spaces at these locations that were not permanently assigned on February 15, 2019, are being converted to “OPEN” spaces, available to all members in good standing on a first come/first serve basis, a process historically identical to the methods used by members to secure dock spaces throughout Highland Lakes.

Boat Dock applications no longer available – the program has been terminated.

Except for dock space permanently assigned before February 15, 2019, all boat dock spaces at Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3, Beach 4, and neighborhood freeways are available on a first-come/first-serve basis once the docks are set in place in each spring. Use of the boat docks is restricted at all times to members displaying their current year permits (previous year permits are valid through May 31 – date extended to June 30 in 2020). Spots may be claimed for the season only by placing the current year permit and boat in the spot.

Please note: all boat dock spaces at Eckhart Sailing Center, except for those permanently assigned before February 15, 2019, are reserved for active Junior/Senior sailing fleet members and members with special needs.|
Boats stored on Club property are subject to the Club’s rules and regulations
Boats are not permitted to be stored in any Club-owned location unless they are on a boat rack or dock. Boats stored on Club properties are subject to Rule 25 of the Club’s Rules and Regulations. Rule 25 was amended considerably on February 15, 2019, and members who use the lakes, and Club docks and racks for boat storage, are urged to become familiar with its content.

The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to your boat, including loss or damage resulting from the Club’s removal of your boat for violation of the Club’s rules. Boats without current year membership permits (previous year permits are valid through May 31) or improperly stored will be removed by the Club, and a special assessment will be incurred by the member in accordance with the Club rules. 

The Club’s Boat Livery program makes Coast Guard-approved lifejackets, two paddleboats and two rowboats available for our members to use on the Main Lake. Simply bring a valid membership card to the Activities Center anytime from July 4th through Labor Day Weekend to take advantage of the program. Note: suspended for the 2020 summer.

Boat Launching Areas

There are three locations that can be used to launch your boat from a trailer:

  • Main Lake at the Clubhouse next to Beach 2
  • Beach 3 on Lakeside Drive East at the bottom of Lookover Lane
  • East Highland Lake (Indian Lake) on Canistear Road, south of West Lakeshore Drive

Updated June 14, 2020

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