Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

The Five Lakes and Lagoon of Highland Lakes

Highland Lakes Country Club and Community Association owns five lakes and a lagoon within it private lake community. The use of internal combustion motors (gas/propane/etc.) on any of these lakes is strictly prohibited. Electric motors are limited to a maximum of 10 horsepower and a speed maximum of 1o miles per hour.

Official Name of Lake


in Acres

Upper Highland Lake Lake 1        14        1
Highland Lake a/k/a Main Lake Lake 2 334 2, 3 and 4
East Highland Lake a/k/a Indian Lake Lake 3 23 6
Upper East Highland Lake Lake 4 11 5
Upper West Highland Lake Lake 5 20 7

The dams impounding the five lakes have been rehabilitated to the standards of current law, administered by the New Jersey Bureau of Dam Safety, and undergo inspections every two years by an engineering firm. If you are considering moving to a lake community, make sure you inquire about the status of the dam (if a dam exists), and the extent to which special assessments and/or additional property taxes are being raised for the dam(s). In Highland Lakes, three low-interest loans were obtained from the State of New Jersey for dam rehabilitations, and members are assessed $60.00 yearly for the debt service and ongoing inspections and repairs of the dams.

Aquatic conditions (algae, weeds, etc.) together with water chemistry are handled by a team of consultants (Solitude Lake Management and Princeton Hydro, LLC) working in close cooperation with the Club’s general manager and Ecology committee. 

The Club’s seven beaches and the swim lanes are tested for E. coli throughout the bathing season, and results are reported to the Sussex County Health Department.


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