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Highland Lakes is a year-round magnet for outdoor sports and activities, and there’s something here for everyone. Children and adults have a wide array of instructional and competitive group activities and events to choose from, each one providing them with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals, improve their skills, make new friends, and have loads of fun no matter what their skill level.

Our community-run offerings span the gamut from out-in-nature sports such as swimming, sailing, soccer, hiking, and fishing to traditional team sports like basketball, softball, and tennis. Additionally we offer a diversified list of activities that are more social in nature including bocce, bowling, golf, volleyball, and water aerobics to name just a few. A list of the formalized activities  going on at different times throughout the year is listed below–click on any of them to see more specific information. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, email the Club’s athletic director Pete Jablonski athleticdirector@hlcc.org  about starting your own new activity.

Golf Outings
Swim Team
Water Aerobics

Registration information

A registration book for all Club-sponsored athletic teams is kept at the Clubhouse Activity Center beginning in early May. If you or your child volunteered in any capacity last year and want to do so again, please make sure to note it on your child’s registration sheet. Volunteers make our sports program—and most everything else at Highland Lakes—possible.

Permission slips for children

The Club’s general liability insurance carrier requires that a permission slip be signed by the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) and kept on file at the Club prior to a child’s participation in any Club-sponsored event or activity. Please complete this permission slip and return it to the Club office.

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