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Come try pickleball, the fastest growing individual and family sport in Highland Lakes.

Pickleball, a hybrid sport combining elements of tennis, ping pong, and badminton, is a paddle sport played on a 44′ x 20′ court by members ages 12 and up. It can be played by beginners and “pros” alike, either purely for fun or as competitively as you desire. Three permanent pickleball courts are located on Glen Wild Way off Cherry Ridge Road at Canistear Park. Sneakers are a must.

Pickleball is played Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:45 pm and Sunday mornings at 9 am. Questions call Dori Zarr 201-602-8339.

Women’s Pickleball is played Friday mornings at 9:30 am. Questions call Peggy at 973-764-5126.

All paddles used on the pickle ball courts must be selected from the Sun City Grand “Green Zone” paddle list that can be found at this website: http://pball.grandpickleball.org/paddlerule.pdf. These paddles were tested by Acoustics Group, Inc. and found to be the quietest paddles on the market. The only paddles approved in addition to those on this list are the “Venom” by Pickleball Specialties (http://www.pickleballspecialties.com/) and the “Vortex”.

The Club has extra paddles that comply with the regulations if you need to borrow one. Contact Dori Zarr. You may not use the courts if your paddle does not comply with the Club’s paddle regulations.

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