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Children’s Catfish Derby
Hot dogs, drinks, and trophies are part of a fun evening in August when children under the age of 16 (or licensed adults) can participate in the annual Catfish Derby. This event is held at the clubhouse, rain or shine. NJ State fishing rules apply (get more information).

Ice Fishing
Many of the avid fishermen in the community don’t take the winter months off, instead choosing to venture out onto our frozen lakes to try their luck at ice fishing. The Fishing committee sponsors an annual Ice Fishing Derby each February (see the Newsette or this website for updates and information).

If you’re considering joining the fun for the first time, here are a few tools you might want in your arsenal:

  • To drill your hole in the ice, you’ll either need an old-school ice “spud” or chisel, which can be used to slowly chop a hole, or take the efficient route with the ever-popular ice “auger.” Gasoline-powered augers are prohibited at all times.
  • Some fisherman jig a tiny metal fishing lure off the lake’s bottom in an attempt to resemble a small bait fish. Others use a device called a “tip-up” (aka a “fish trap”), which incorporates a spool of fishing line fixed to a spring-loaded flag that’s supported over the hole by a simple “X” of crossed sticks. When a game fish bites, the flag goes up.
  • NJ State laws permit no more than five fish taking “devices” by any one person and require the owner’s name and address to be permanently affixed to those “devices.”

Kids’ Fishing Derby
The annual Kids’ Fishing Derby is held on the dam on Lake 4 along Cherry Ridge Road every summer – watch the Newsette and the website for the date. Awards are given for the largest bass, muskie, walleye, and panfish caught. Registration begins at the dam at 8 am, and weigh-ins are held throughout the day. HLCC badges are required for registration along with a completed registration form (available in the Newsette). Note: NJ fishing licenses for children under 16 are not required. All NJ Fish and Wildlife Game fishing regulations are in effect. Call 973-764-7561 for more information.

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