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Welcome to our Highland Lakes community. The recording of deeds by the Sussex County Clerk is significantly delayed due to a combination of real estate transaction volume and Covid-19 work restrictions with many staff members working remotely.

The Application for Membership/Member Profile Form and Badge and Permit Form are mailed to each new owner once the Club receives a copy of the recorded deed to the property. Many new members have received the forms but have not returned them to the office for processing. In other cases the Club Office is still waiting for the paperwork from the closing attorney or the recorded deed before transferring the property to the new owners.

Without the completed forms the packages of membership materials cannot be prepared for you in advance, and registrations and participation by your children in the Club’s upcoming summer activities will be delayed.  Please complete and return each of the forms as soon as possible, and don’t forget to include the required documentation for badges and parking permits. The hull identification number for each boat you are registering is also required. Note: the Club prohibits not only the use but the presence of combustion engines on its lakes.

Download the Membership Application and Profile Form.

To obtain badges and boating, docking, and parking permits, download the Badges and Permits Order Form.

Seasonal: forms to register your children for activities, athletics, and swim lessons, and the required parent permission forms, may be found by visiting this link.

Questions: please feel free to call the Club Office – 973-764-4366 or write to hlcc@warwick.net.

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