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Boat Dock Committee

Chairperson: Mark Buruchian boatdocks@hlcc.org

The Boat Dock Committee is an advisory committee responsible for the following:

  1. Assesses the status of Club docks, boat racks, bulkheads and ramps at dock areas throughout the community. Advises management when these items need repair and advises the board when expenditures are needed. Develops a schedule for replacement of docks.
  2. Oversees the assignment of dock space to HL members in good standing who apply for space at the large dock locations: Club Park, Comet Row, Beach 3 and Beach 4.
  3. Maintains a waiting list for dock space at those locations after all spaces are assigned.
  4. Continues the alternating year rotation of required boat removal from boat racks.
  5. Conducts inspections as necessary.

Through 2014, this committee collected member applications for dock space at Comet Row, the Clubhouse Park, the Eckhart Sailing Center, Beach 3 and Beach 4, and then fairly allocated dock space to applicants via an annual lottery. In January 2015, the Voting Board terminated the annual lottery and authorized a one-time lottery in the spring of 2015 to assign members permanent dock spaces at the locations above (excluding the Eckhart Sailing Center, whose space has been reserved for junior sailors and members with special needs). All dock spaces at these locations are managed by the Boat Dock committee.

In the spring of 2016, a new dock for pontoon boats will be placed at Comet Row. Additionally, ten other dock locations at freeways, and a larger unit at Beach 4, will be replaced with new units from EZ Dock.

Boat Dock Lottery Permanently Eliminated February 15, 2019
In February, 2019 the boat dock lottery program was terminated and no further assignment of permanent dock spaces will take place. Dock spaces at these locations that were not permanently assigned on February 15, 2019, are being converted to “OPEN” spaces, available to all members in good standing on a first come/first serve basis, a process historically identical to the methods used by members to secure dock spaces throughout Highland Lakes.

Boat Dock applications are no longer available – the program has been terminated.

The committee is also charged with assessing and identifying the need for additional facilities – it works with Club staff in the operation of the Boat Livery program that enables members who do not own boats to borrow donated rowboats and paddle-boats (for a half-day) during July and August to spend time boating on the Main Lake. Note: suspended for the 2020 summer.

Click here for more information about boating and docks at Highland Lakes.

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