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Nominating Committee

In accordance with our By-Laws, Article V Section IX:

A.  A Nominating Committee of seven (7) members shall be established by the Voting Board. The members of this committee shall be appointed to serve for a term of three (3) years. Committee members may be reappointed by subsequent Voting Boards. The members of this committee shall be chosen from members in good standing who have served the Club in past years as an Officer, a member of the Board of Trustees, a standing committee chairman, or any member who through his particular association with the Club is knowledgeable of Officer responsibility and duties. The duty of the Nominating Committee is to collectively select a qualified Officer candidate for each office and to obtain the candidate’s agreement to accept such nomination before the selection of all nominees shall be made final. The names of the candidates so chosen shall be turned over to the Chairman of Elections at least thirty (30) days before election. (Amended 8/21/77).
B.  Active Members other than those nominated by the Nominating Committee wishing to become officer candidates shall file with the Chairman of the Elections Committee, twenty (20) days prior to election, a petition of candidacy signed by sixty (60) Active Members in good standing. (Amended 8/21/83)
C.  The Chairman of the Elections Committee shall announce to the Membership the names of the prospective officer candidates in the Newsette and by posting on the Club Bulletin Board at least seven (7) days prior to election. Candidates selected by the Nominating Committee shall be so identified in these publications, but shall not be so identified on the election ballot. (Amended 8/15/71)

The By-Laws further state in Article V Section III that Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote of the Active Members voting.

In accordance with Article V Section V:
An Officer shall hold office for a period of three (3) years. The term of office shall commence with the fiscal year beginning October 1st following the election and shall continue until such Officer’s successor is duly elected and qualifies. No Officer shall hold the same office for more than two (2) consecutive terms. However, the provisions of this SECTION V shall have no application to any person serving as an Officer on August 18, 1985, and such person’s term of office and the number of consecutive terms for which such person may hold the same office shall be governed by the By-Laws which were in effect at the time such person was first elected as such Officer.

The qualifications for officer positions according to Article V Section VII:
Candidates for the position of Officer shall have been Active Members in good standing for each of the three (3) years immediately preceding the election.

The President, or in his absence such other properly designated Officer shall preside over all official meetings of the Officers and Board of Trustees and meetings of the General Membership.

The President shall be responsible for the administration and direction of all Club affairs, subject at all times, however, to the By-Laws and to such policies as may be adopted by the Voting Board.

The President shall sign all membership cards.

The President and the Secretary shall sign all written contracts and written obligations and documents of the Club which have been authorized by proper vote of the Voting Board.

The President shall appoint all committee chairmen as shall be deemed necessary and shall act as ex-officio member of every such committee appointed by him. Said chairmen shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The First Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, take his place and perform those duties ascribed to the Office of President.

The First Vice President and Second Vice President shall perform such other administrative duties as may be delegated by the President.

The Secretary shall be custodian of all records of the Club; shall be responsible for the issuance of the minutes of all official meetings; shall conduct and carry on all correspondence at the direction of the President; and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated by the President.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all of the financial records of the Club; shall issue all checks to cover disbursements of the Club, in accordance with these By-Laws (See Article VII, Section XIII); shall make all payments, as may be required by law, to Federal and State governments covering the employment of Club personnel; shall prepare and deliver financial reports, including trial balances, at each official meeting of the Voting Board, as well as at the Annual Meeting; shall present the Club books for Public Audit in October of each year; and shall perform such other duties involving the disposition of Club Funds as directed by the President and as authorized by the Voting Board.

The Nominating Committee publicizes its recruitment of candidates in the Newsette. Please follow the instructions as to procedures and deadlines for submitting a letter of interest.

All candidates who express an interest will be considered equally and fairly. Please submit your letter of interest as soon as possible since the Committee must complete its work by early July.

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