Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Top 15 Ideas to Remember

  1. Members and guests have fun at the Clubhouse – Don’t disrupt private parties.
  2. Fish to your heart’s content – Practice catch and release.
  3. Keep Highland Lakes Clean – Pick up on your walks and hikes. Keep parks and freeways clean. Practice Carry-In/Carry-Out.
  4. Enjoy our Parks – Keep dogs on leash please and bag up waste – it’s the law.
  5. Sailing/Boating is terrific – Please don’t sit on someone else’s docked boats! Tying up to sailing buoys prohibited.
  6. Enjoy our Beaches – Please don’t leave children unattended.
  7. Slow Down and Enjoy the View – 15 mph recommended/New Jersey speed limit is 25.
  8. Wear you Club badge with Pride – You’re not ‘in’ without it.
  9. Be thoughtful and considerate of neighbors – Turn down loud stereos – don’t make unnecessary noise. New Jersey prohibits fireworks.
  10. Keep Highland Lakes a safe community – Call Security – emergencies dial 9-1-1.
  11. Get involved and volunteer- Everyone else can’t do it all.
  12. Pick up or read the Highland Lakes Newsette, subscribe to email updates, and click www.hlcc.orgThey are your information hotlines.
  13. Great yard sale –Take down your signs after sale.
  14. Enjoy the wildlife – Don’t feed any of them.
  15. Contact your Section Trustee with questions – Be informed, come to a Voting Board meeting.

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