Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association

Voting Board and Committees

Governance of the Club is vested in the Officers and Trustees, collectively known as the Voting Board.

  • The Voting Board is comprised of five Officers and 12 Trustees. Click here for a current roster of Voting Board members.
  • Each Trustee represents one of the 12 geographic sections of Highland Lakes.
  • Officers and Trustees must be Club members in good standing for three years prior to the election.
  • Officers and Trustees are elected for three-year terms and are limited to serving two consecutive terms.
  • Elections take place at the Club’s Annual Meeting held on the third Sunday in August.

More details about the governance of Highland Lakes can be found in Article V of the By-Laws. The duties of the Voting Board are specified in Article VII. A copy of the By-Laws is available to all members and may be picked up at the Club office.

The responsibility for administration of the Club’s affairs rests primarily with its Officers.

  • The President is responsible for the administration and direction of all Club affairs and, with the secretary, can enter into contracts and obligations. The President appoints committee chairpersons and serves as an ex-officio member of each committee.
  • The First and Second Vice Presidents have administrative powers as delegated by the President and can act, in succession, for the President in the President’s absence.
  • The Secretary and Treasurer perform the normal functions of their respective offices under the organization and powers provisions of state corporate law, and as specified in the By-Laws.
  • The Officers are bound to administer their responsibilities not only according to law, charter and the By-Laws, but also according to the policies of the Voting Board. The entire Voting Board votes on overall Club policy, but only the Board of Trustees votes on “sectional and area matters.”

The Board of Trustees may appoint special committees for certain purposes. When a member has an inquiry, suggestion or complaint, it should first be directed to the Trustee of that member’s section and the Trustee has the responsibility of communicating the same to the Voting Board. Each Trustee must also continually ascertain the needs and priorities of his or her section, and communicate the same to the Voting Board.

In addition to the Officers and Trustees, a number of standing committees assist the Voting Board in carrying out its responsibilities. Officers and Trustees also are asked to serve as Voting Board liaisons with the Club’s committees. It is vital to the optimal functioning of the Club and its activities that these committees continue to attract volunteers, remain active and communicate with each other as often as needed.

Learn more about the Club’s current committees below.

• Badge Checking • Ecology
• Boat Dock • Elections
• Buildings and Grounds • Fishing
• By-Laws/Rules • Goodwill Fund Fundraising
• Clubhouse • Planning
• Communications • Roads
• Dams  



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