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What Section Do I Live In?

As you probably know (otherwise why would you be looking at this page?) Highland Lakes is divided into 12 different geographical sections. Each section is represented on the Voting Board by an elected Trustee. See the list of Voting Board Trustees and Officers.

If you don’t have your membership card handy and want/need to know what section you live in, use the Highland Lakes community map is useful find your street and then the general location of your home — click the image to see a larger version that you zoom in on to find your street. (If your web browser doesn’t allow you to magnify the map image or if you encounter other technical difficulties, download the map here to view it directly on your computer screen and enlarge it from there.)

Each section of the map is labeled and has its own unique color. Some sections are bordered by two roads so which side of the road you are own determines your section. If you’re unsure or have any questions, please contact the Club Office.

Published April 29, 2020

HLCC Community Map V1 4-2016


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