Country Club and Community Association

Highland Lakes

Country Club and Community Association started in 1933 as a dream shared by two men, John Seckler and Clayton Shepperd, as they looked out over acres of rural farmland in the northern most county of Sussex, New Jersey, and talked about the rustic, summer retreat they were going to create.

Today, that dream they shared long ago has become a beautiful reality for roughly 2,000 families who now belong to this private community.

Private, Members-Only
Lake Community.

Year-Round Activities at Five Lakes, Seven Beaches, and the Clubhouse.

Clubs, Events, Activities, Sports, and more.


47 mi

Feet Above Sea Level


Warwick, NY

15 min

Private Homes


The Highland Lakes Newsette

Nearly every article that appears in each issue of the 18 Newsette issues is written by individual members of our community.

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