Member Badges are in the Mail!

Update: May 10, 2023

Badge Mailing: All members who made their final dues payment by April 30, should receive their badges in the mail. Members who made their final payment after that date can stop by the office to pick up their 2023 badges and parking/boat permits.

Original: April 24, 2023

Dear Members:

Welcome to the start of another great Highland Lakes summer season!

Member badges for 2023 have been mailed to all those whose dues are fully paid. The newly redesigned “forever badges” will last for years, save the Club thousands of dollars over the cost of annual replacement badges, and will be revalidated (not replaced) each year for as long as they last. So be sure to hang on to your forever badges for use in the years ahead.

Most of you will initially receive two Member badges this year, consistent with the Club’s Badge policy which has been in effect since 1998. If there are more than two owners listed on your deed, you will receive a Member badge for each owner. We recognize that many of you are accustomed to receiving more than two badges each year. We are initially supplying just two badges because; (1) about 25 years have passed since the policy was adopted and many members have grown and moved away or passed on and (2) we need to revalidate resident-member data for entry in our new Club management and accounting system. As always, additional Member badges can be obtained at the office at no cost for immediate family members who reside in your household. Proof of residency or familial relationship is required in the form of a birth certificate, student ID or other documentation acceptable to the Club.

Seasonal Guest forever badges can be purchased for extended family members who do not reside in the home. These badges are $10 each and renewable on a yearly basis as needed. Guest badges will be used in place of the Activities badge, but the price remains the same at $50.00 for members of your extended family who participate in rostered activities. Members may purchase Daily HLCC wristbands for family and guests who are coming for just a short stay, subject to pricing in effect at the time of purchase.

Parking and boating stickers were enclosed also. We have changed the policy regarding boating stickers – only 1 sticker is required per boat. Therefore, you are receiving half of the amount you previously received (if applicable). CLICK HERE for the Boat Dock Survey. This information will help us evaluate future dock needs.

As in the past, if any telephone numbers, vehicle registrations, email addresses or emergency contact info has changed, please be sure to notify the office.

Thank you and best wishes for a most enjoyable summer!


David W. Martin

General Manager