Septic Pumping Incentive for Highland Lakes Homeowners

It’s Time to Do Your Part to Improve Our Lakes!

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “freshwater rivers, lakes, and ponds are more sensitive to phosphorus contamination from failing septic systems. The cumulative impact of failing septic systems that are in close proximity to each other and to a water body in environmentally sensitive areas may need to be addressed at the regional or watershed level.”  Nationally recognized lake management experts and our own studies conducted here in Highland Lakes, strongly recommend routine inspection and maintenance of septic systems to avoid adverse impacts on lake health. Routine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding septic failure and prolonging the useful life of your system.

Regular septic pumping is the #1 recommended step we can take as individual homeowners in our community to ensure we’re doing our part to help protect our lakes.

In addition to pumping your system every three years, the NJ DEP’s
A Homeowners’ Guide to Septic Systems‘ lists many more do’s & don’ts of maintaining your septic system. It includes tips on how to keep your septic system running strong for years to come and reasons why septic systems can fail.

As a preliminary step to encourage responsible septic ownership the Voting Board recently approved a limited three-year program offering a $50 account credit to members who provide proof of septic pumping.

The incentive period starts on October 1, 2022, and will end on September 30, 2025, or if the township of Vernon enacts a mandatory septic pumping ordinance. For the next three years, members can receive a one-time $50 account credit (no cash payments) for simply showing proof of septic pumping.

To qualify, email a copy of your paid receipt to the Club Office accounting@hlcc.org from the pumping contractor listing the date and type of service provided at your Highland Lakes address.

The Club continues to work tirelessly to protect the health of our lakes and we are counting on all members to do their part as well!